Aktuelle Projekte

Cluster of Excellence der CAU Kiel The Future Ocean, Themenbereich B6: Dangerous Ocean (DFG, 2007-2017)

Holocene evolution and present-day dynamics of the Parnaíba delta: response of a pristine delta to climate change and sea-level rise

Baltic Sea water budget and sediment transport changes since the Littorina Transgression and their effects on the ecosystem

The SouthChina Sea Deep


Climate - Biogeochemistry Interactions in the Tropical Oceans (SFB 754)

The importance of submarine groundwater discharge for the southwestern Baltic Sea (SGDBALTIC)

Groundwater/seawater along the south African coast and its effects on sustainable coastal and water resource management (SPACES)

Biogeochemistry of trace metals and their isotopes in the southeastern Atlantic. RV Meteor cruise M121



GeoHab – BALDESH – Habitats and fields of stones in the shallow water environment of the Baltic Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein – their dynamics and function.

STopP – „From sediment to top predators – influence of seabed characteristics on ben-thos and benthivorous birds“.

SEDINO, Phase II (Sediment dynamics in the North- and Baltic Sea - delimitation of sea-floor-types considering the subsurface structure and the influence of benthic organisms on sediment properties and sediment distribution)  

Identification of marine habitats in Flensburg Fjord (Baltic Sea)


Operational Monitoring of hard bottom substrates in the Western Baltic Sea