Prof. Dr. phil. Karl Stattegger



  • Spätquartäre Meeresspiegelschwankungen und aktueller Meeresspiegelanstieg
  • Schelf- und Küstenevolution im Holozän
  • Flussmündungssysteme
  • Küstenrisiken
  • Quell-Senken-Modellierungen

Curriculum Vitae

1977 PhD in Geologie und Paläontologie an der Universität Graz
1977 - 1987
Universitätsassistenz an der Universität Graz
1983 - 1985
Alexander-von-Humboldt-Stipendium, Forschungsaufenthalte an der FU Berlin und Queen's University Belfast
Habilitation in Mathematischer Geologie an der Universität Graz
1987 - 1990
Assistenzprofessor an der Universität Graz
seit 1990
C3-Professur an der CAU Kiel, Leiter der AG Sedimentologie, Küsten- und Schelfgeologie
seit 2007
Projektleiter im Exzellenzcluster The Future Ocean, Forschungsfelder R6 - Gefahren aus dem Ozean und B5 - Meeresspiegelanstieg und Küstengefährdung
seit 2013
UNESCO-Lehrstuhl in Marine Geologie und Küstenmanagement an der CAU Kiel


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Current projects

Cluster of Excellence University of Kiel The Future Ocean, Topic B6 Dangerous Ocean, DFG, 2007-2017

Collaborators: GEOMAR; several institutes at Kiel University
Contact person: Karl Stattegger
Main objective is to understand the causes and effects of large events with return periods of
decades to millennia or processes that occur on centennial to decadal time scales and impact changing and vulnerable coastal systems. Such events and processes include earthquakes, submarine slides and associated tsunamis, increasing large floods and storms, and rapid relative sea level rise related to delta subsidence and global warming.

For further information please visit http://www.futureocean.org

Holocene evolution and present-day dynamics of the Parnaíba delta: response of a pristine delta to climate change and sea-level rise

CAPES, Brasilien, 2015-2017
Collaborators: Several institutes at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
Contact person: Karl Stattegger
Pristine deltas pertaining undisturbed terrestrial sediment supply have become rare in the meantime. Investigation of the evolution and dynamics of such deltas is required on a regional scale to evaluate the influence of climate change and sea-level rise. The northeastern Brazilian Parnaíba Delta is highlighted in this context.

Baltic Sea water budget and sediment transport changes since the Littorina Transgression and their effects on the ecosystem

BMBF, 2015-2016
Collaborators: IOW, GEUS Kopenhagen
Contact person: Karl Stattegger
The cruise is designed to execute seismo- and hydroacoustic surveys, and sampling of Holocene sediments in the western, central and northeastern Baltic Sea. In particular, we investigate in more detail the magnitude and timing of the Littorina transgression as a phase of highly accelerated sea-level rise and its impact on the inflow of saline waters into the western Baltic.

The SouthChina Sea Deep

National Science Foundation of China, 2013-2018
Collaborators: State Key Laboratory of Marine Geology, Tongji University, Shanghai
Contact person: Karl Stattegger
The mission of the project is to correlate the deep basin of the South China Sea and surrounding land, including three major scientific themes: tectonics and magmatism, stratigraphy and sedimentology, paleoceanography and paleoclimatology. Major goals are sediment fluxes from source to sink and preparing for ocean drilling on the Sunda Shelf.

Projects completed during the last five years

Land-ocean-atmospheric interactions in the coastal zone of Southern Vietnam, 2003-2011

Holocene Coastal Evolution, Sea-Level Fluctuations, Terrigenous Sedimentation and Sediment Dynamics on the Continental Shelf between the Mekong Delta and Nha Trang, SE-Vietnam

Land-ocean-atmospheric interactions in the Gulf of Tonkin, 2012-2014

Projet 3: Paleo-reconstruction

Project-related scientific exchange with Brazil, 1998-2012


Northern Brazilian river deltas: River impacts versus pristine discharge, 2009-2012


Atlantic margin integrated basin analysis, Morocco, 2007-2011

Sedimentology, climate and erosions systems analysis
Source to sink modelling: Sediment fluxes and erosion of source areas