Laboratory for the determination of radionuclides

Natural and anthropogenic radionuclides are very helpful tracers for the understanding of oceanic processes. In our department radio nuclides are used for age determinations of coastal sediments (e.g. Am-241, Cs-137, Pb-210, Po-210) and quantifications of submarine groundwater discharge (e.g. Ra-224, Ra-223, Ra-228, Ra-226). For the measurements of radionuclides we use gamma spectrometry, alpha spectroscopy and a radium delayed coincidence counter. 

Datierung von Küstensediementen


  • two high-purity Germanium detectors (CANBERRA BE3830P)
  • Alpha Spectrometer (ORTEC Octête)
  • Radium delayed conincidence counter (RaDeCC)
  • CEM Mars 6 Microwave


Gamma Spectrometer       Gamma Spectrometer       Radium delayed coincidence counter


Contact: Dr. Jan Scholten