Sediment Laboratory

The Sediment laboratory of the working group provides facilities for investigating water samples as well as  sediment samples (e.g. suspended matter, soils, marine- and terrestrial sediments etc.). Beside sample preparation for sedimentological investigations (e.g. elimination of carbonate and organic matter, wet sieving etc.), the following analyses can be accomplished by default:

  • Determination of physical parameters ( e.g. particle sizes and distributions, measurements of water content, dry density)
  • Conductivity measurements
  • Suspended matter analyses
  • Determination of combustion loss
  • Statistical analyses

By Laser particle size analyses a grain size range of 0,04 -2000 µm can be covered and weight determinations can be implemented up to an accuracy of 0,002 mg.

Einrichtung des Sediment-Labors Einrichtung des Sediment-Labors



  • Beckmann LS 13320 Particle Size Analyzer
  • Muffel furnace: Thermo Scientific - Heraeus™ M 104
  • Centrifuge: Thermo Scientific - Sorvall™ ST 40
  • Drying oven: Memmert UFP800DW
  • Satorius precision scales (CPA 224 s, CPA 26 p)



  • Laboratory sessions and tutorials for students
  • Semester projects
  • Doctoral theses, Master theses , Bachelor theses
  • R & D projects


Contact: Dr. Peter Richter