Int. conference talks

Becker M, Maushake C, Wolk F, Gemmrich H, Winter C (2018) Feedback of mud-induced periodic stratification on flow structure and turbulence in a highly turbid tidal river. Talk. OSM, Portland

Becker M, Maushake C, Grünler S, Winter C (2017) Evaluation of ship-based sediment flux measurements by ADCPs in tidal flows. Talk. EGU, Vienna

Becker M, Winter C (2017) Mud-induced periodic stratification in the hyperturbid Ems estuary.  Talk. INTERCOH, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Becker M, Maushake C, Winter C (2016) Acoustic particle properties and impact on estuarine sediment flux measured by ADCPs. Poster. ECSA, Bremen

Becker M, Winter C (2015) Enrichment of mud in troughs of large dunes in the turbidity zone of the Weser estuary, North Sea, Germany. Poster. RCEM, Iquitos, Peru.

Becker M, Winter C, Grünler S, Maushake M (2015) Fluid mud transport in the Ems estuary. Talk. Ems-Scheldt workshop, HWK, Delmenhorst.

Becker M, Maushake C, Winter C (2014) Tide-driven turbulence production versus sediment induced stratification in a hyper-turbid estuary. Poster. Fluid Mud Workshop by HR Wallingford, Oceanology, London

Becker M, Schrottke K, Bartholomä A,  Ernstsen VB, Winter C, Hebbeln D (2013) In-situ observations of tide-driven, estuarine fluid mud dynamics. Talk. RCEM, Santander