SEDINO, Phase III (Sediment dynamics in the North- and Baltic Sea - delimitation of sea-floor-types considering the subsurface structure and the influence of benthic organisms on sediment properties and sediment distribution)  

Co-operation with:

Federal Maritime Agency (BSH) (co-ordination)
Alfred-Wegener-Institut, Helmholtz Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung, Wattenmeer-station Sylt (AWI), List.
Senkenberg am Meer, Wilhelmshaven

Personal involved:



Funding by BfN (Federal Agency for Nature Conservation) via BSH
Period I: June 2012 – October 2014
Period II: November 2014 – April 2017
Period III: Since May 2017

Short description

The objective of SEDINO is a full coverage high resolution spatial sedi-mentological mapping of selected sites in the German EEZ of the North- and Baltic Sea with different hydro-acoustic (Side-Scan Sonar, parametric sub-bottom profiler) and optical meth-ods. Special focus is given to marine protected areas in the Baltic Sea (Odra Bank, Adler Ground, Kadet Channel and Fehmarn Belt (https://www.bfn.de/themen/meeresnaturschutz/nationale-meeresschutzgebiete/ostsee-awz.html) and North Sea (East-ern German Bight and Sylt Outer Reef (https://www.bfn.de/themen/meeresnaturschutz/nationale-meeresschutzgebiete/nordsee-awz.html). Besides Sediment distribution patterns the spatial and temporal distribution and dynamics of bedforms from small (dm) to macro scale (km) and the interaction with benthic organisms is investigated.

For further information pleas visit http://www.bfn.de/fileadmin/MDB/documents/themen/meeresundkuestenschutz/downloads/Fachtagungen/AWZ-Forschung-Ergebnisse/Claudia-Propp.pdf